July 25, 2021

Zong Ripping-Off Millions in a Month from Subscribers

Zong a horrible dream

This is one of the examples of the scam

Pakistan is the easiest country where brands can cheat their consumers. Poor consumers may be able to say uff only but unfortunately cannot fight for their rights. We usually see brands spend billions or trillions per annum on their advertising and promotional campaigns to promote their products but do they really concern about YOU? If you ask me, I would say not at all.

I had the worst experience with a leading telco of Pakistan CMPak’s brand Zong. I am having their internet device. On January 03, 2021, I recharged Rs. 2500 through mobile banking and called their helpline to activate the services because I was not using it for quite a long time. That is a separate story why I was not using it but in short, according to them they are working on the new site and I am away from the only single site in that area.

Anyway, come back to the story. As per the feedback of the call agent, on January 08, 2021, I gave the same amount and ask my office to recharge the device again so I can use the services without any interruption.

Now the drama begins, on February 08, 2021, my device stopped working. I inquired about the services by calling Zong’s helpline and the agent told me the story that on the first attempt I did the recharge and the second recharge was a package activation from the retailer. “Excuse me…!!! What does it mean???” Sir first Rs. 2500 was the recharge and second Rs. 2500 was a package activation through the retailer. “So, I deposited altogether Rs. 5000 and you are not giving me the services for the two months which is you suppose to give me. That is understood I consumed my Rs. 2500 for a month and where my rest of Rs 2500 services gone? You ripped off my Rs. 2500 and it’s easy to say that because the first deposit was recharge and the second deposit was a package activation”.

On my frequent request, the agent agreed to log the complaint and the result is 0. I logged the complaint to PTA, but obviously, PTA itself didn’t take the action and they forwarded the complaint to the cellular companies and they did the same. I got the call from Zong at a very odd time on Saturday around 9 pm. The agent was so COURTEOUS, he didn’t ask that I am calling you at this time, can we speak now? But I talk to him and in the whole conversation, he was trying to convince me that it’s not their system’s fraudulent fault it’s my fault that I recharged the first time, and the second time it was a package. O bhai… I gave you Rs. 5000 and you have stolen my Rs. 2500. I asked him, is my call recorded? He replied, yes your call is recorded. When I told him as I am on the record and take it as a notice of 10 days to return my Rs. 2500, otherwise I reserve the right to go to consumer court. His attitude was reflecting that he got nervous and denied taking my words as notice.

Zong has more than 12 million subscribers. Let’s assume if half of the million subscribers do the same what I did so they are ripping off around Rs. 1,250,000,000 in a month with only this type of scam. I did here simple math. So, in short, they are one of the corporate thieves who are stealing money from poor subscribers chupkay say.

I took the matter seriously as they have stolen my hard-earned money. I am sure the majority didn’t highlight the matter. According to a source, they knew the glitch in their system and many people have already highlighted but they didn’t resolve it so they can enjoy they FREE MONEY. As the company’s slogan The New Dream in fact it’s a horrible dream for the consumers.

We tried to contact Zong via email for their point of view on the matter but they didn’t respond.

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