ZONG new TVC receives mix feedback

Pakistan’s cellular company Zong has recently aired its new TVC featuring Atif Aslam and a foreigner model Polina Ch. People loving the way this TVC shoot but having issues on No.1 claim by the company.

Most of the comments on various digital channels where the video was posted by different people were that how one can claim No. 1 network and No. 1 Singer without sharing the source of this claim.

One of the user said “Work is good except rest of the message is s**t. Zong never worked and still doesn’t work. Where to file a case for misleading claims and ad?

Another comment seen was about the claim of No. 1 “Atif Aslam is Pakistan’s no. 1 singer.
Zong is Pakistan’s No. 1 network. Yeh kis kitaab me likha hai bhai? Generic dance video in the mountains showing a celebrity released at a time when everyone else is giving the message of social distancing. Kahan se atay hain yeh log?”

There was another comment about the network “Do you know that zong 4g doesn’t work in any of the areas shown in the video? Only SCO works in these areas. Misleading marketing at its peak.”

A user asked the question on this TVC that “Hum hain One to phir GB or AJK mein jate hi 2G per q gir jata hai koi ni one.

Brand should really consider the quality of the network espacially in northeren areas.

TVC’s production is really good. Quality, selection of the location, photography is amazing. People loving the voice of Atif Aslam which is a good move by the brand and that is all good to capture the audience.

The TVC is directed by Asad ul Haq.

Advertising agency is The D’Hamidi Partnership.

Post by BANDO Post Production House

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