The mobile phone camera is a fear for the professional camera market?

Over the time, photography industry faced many innovations. Manual cameras replaced with digital, films and features of the films replaced with DSLR. Now the normal DSLR replacing with mirrorless cameras, and now those cameras are replacing with mobile phone cameras.

Today you see mobile phones with brilliant quality cameras. In fact, mobile phone companies are spending a lot on their R&D. They are spending a lot on their sales campaign and addressing the customers with their mobile phone camera features more.

Nowadays the mobile camera is a big fear for camera manufactures. They are facing a dip in their sales. A few days back I was sitting with an official of the company and the person was sharing his concern. He said the mobile phone camera is a big challenge for us at the moment. We have observed that our sales are going down day by day and we have a fear that it can capture our huge market one day.

You buy a mobile and you get everything in it, a camera, different focal lengths, features, post-processing, HD/4K video capability and lots more. And if you want to buy a camera, you need lenses of different focal lengths and you need software separately to process your pictures, more or less latest cameras are coming along with HD/4k video capability.

Recently a top Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Vivo has launched a new model X70pro. It has some great features in it. It has four rear cameras 50, 12, 12, and 8 megapixels respectively, 4k videos with gimbal capabilities for stabilised videos. Gimbal is the technology that assists you to make shake-free videos. This model has some built-in features to assist your photography and video skills. The Vivo has also collaborated with Zeiss, a leading manufacturer of optical systems and optoelectronics. Zeiss has a great reputation for manufacturing high-quality lenses for the camera industry.

This is a true fact that mobile cameras have also been entered in Hollywood and few directors have shoot some of the shots with different models of iPhone. And very soon another mobile manufacturer is entering Hollywood and their phones will be used to take shots of the movies.  

In my circle, I have seen many people who are now using mobile cameras more, despite having a DSLR or mirrorless. Now we have to see that how long mobile phone cameras will take to capture a major chunk of the professional cameras market.

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