The famous Daal Chawal of Mall Road Lahore

The tradition of selling food in the car is not new in Lahore. There was a time when a pick-up was parked on the sidewalk in front of Dayal Singh Mansion, Mall Road, where people used to have their food from early afternoon. They used to have the same thing and that is daal chawal (lentils & rice). At that time, it was the only vehicle in this area, serving daal chawal and this pick-up is one of the oldest sellers of daal chawal in Lahore.

The time has changed now, the pickup is still standing over there, but a few yards away from where the inventory of daal chawal and other food items are being controlled. Now they are not selling only daal chawal, they have now biryani and zarda (sweet rice) etc. Addition to the menu is always a good thing that keeps your customers coming.

Now the daal chawal is being served not from the pick-up but from the very small shop right in front of the pick-up. The shop is so tiny that can barely hold utensils. If you want to eat, you have to either stand up or if you are lucky, you will find a place in one of the two or three benches in front of the shop. You can take away your food as well. Or you can order it in your car.

As for the taste, it is also good, and that is the reason they are serving till now. Like other daal chawal available in the market the mixture of hot spices is somewhat balanced which does not cause heartburn. You can add shami kebab to your plate which is also good. The size of the shami kebab is also reasonable, not too small. The prices are very reasonable.

We must say that this place is considered one of the street food selling on the Mall Road, Lahore.

Photo credits: Muhammed Reza Photography

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