The best mutton karahi in Lahore – Sheefa

Some foods are good and some foods are extraordinary. Few get hype and few are genuine. I talk about this all for one outlet in Lahore. The Name is Sheefa Karahi Tikka located right in front of the Lahore Hotel, Qilla Gujar Singh.

Started with one tawa station and now they have five tawa stations working at the same time. They are famous for their mutton dishes like Mutton Karahi, Mutton Keema Karahi and Mutton Tawa Keema. They also serve desi chicken karahi. Taka tak of brain, chops and gurday kaporay. You can opt for normal ghee or desi ghee or butter to be prepared your dishes. Pick your masalas like black pepper or red pepper.

Mutton Tawa Chanp (chops)

You also pick your required part of the meat, you need mutton leg, shoulder, neck or chops. You get your meat fresh, cut into pieces right in front of you and your raw meat is done. From here your meat moves to the cooking station and gets prepared in front of you.

Another interesting and delicious item they do is steam-fried naan. They pick baked naan and put them on the cooked meat and covered them with meat. Your naan gets a bit fried in the ghee or oil in which your dish is getting prepared and at the same time naan gets steamed. Through this process, naan becomes a little soft and soggy and catches the flavour of the dish.

Garnish your dish with fresh green coriander and now it’s time to serve the food. The taste is amazing, especially with the steam-fried naans. Wow! Mutton keema and karahi… never ever had such taste what they are producing at the Sheefa Karahi Tikka.

Tawa Keema

It is worth spending on the food here. The hype about Sheefa has some justice, the whole wait for the food and the distance you covered to reach Sheefa is all justified. What you get at the end is remarkable. Top of that how they soft or tenderise their naan is amazing. The meat has a true combination with their naan. It’s worth all the money TBH.

I am featuring a video made by me for my youtube channel on Sheefa Karahi Tikka.

Photos: Muhammed Reza

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