Peaches can be more sweeter for Pakistan

The sweet and sour peaches of Pakistan can be sweeter for the country. Peach is one of the favourite fruits in the world and Pakistan produces a huge amount of this fruit.

This fruit has a big market within the country. After the Mango, Peach is the most selling fruit in the country. Pakistan’s northern and northwestern regions are the best grower of this fruit.  and catering for the local needs of the market as well as exporting as well.  

This fruit cultivates in a big land of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, mainly Peshawar, Quetta, Swat, Chitral, Malakand and Kalat. The first ripening of the fruit starts in May and continue until September.

The Early Grand and Florida King 6-A and 8-A are the most popular cultivars of Swat and Peshawar. The Golden Early, Shireen and Shah Pasand are the main varieties of Balochistan.

As per the report published by the Crop Reporting Service of KPK, only Swat produced approx 5280 tons of peaches in 2018-2019, and a total approx 19,790 tons of peaches produced by the province, which also includes the tribal districts.

Local producers of the fruit claim that their production is higher than the quoted figure and we can achieve more production if Govt facilitates us. On the question of what sort of facilitation they should have to grow more fruit. They replied Govt should educate the farmer with updated technology and education in the fruit growing industry. They should provide us pre and post growing facilities, cold storage, packing methods and easy access to international markets so the farmer can grow economically as well.

Peach of Pakistan

Another farmer told us if Govt. should promote this fruit in international markets and this fruit can give great support to the economy of Pakistan. Our land cultivates great fruit which is very rich in taste and size. It has a natural aroma that can attract many foreign buyers.

We are afraid of the recent climate change which can impact our production badly. In fact, Peshawar has lost its previous quantity which they were producing before.

This fruit has a great potential to be an identity of the country, Govt. should play a vital role to encourage farmers and promoting the Peaches in the world.

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