Does helpline of a Telco work for prepaid customers too?

Do you know the customer services in the telecommunication? This is the question one should ask from the leading Telco in Pakistan. There are three basic components a telco should consider as core: customer retention, company reputation, and brand identity.

Unfortunately, Telcos in Pakistan are spending a lot on developing a brand identity but they are not spending much on quality customer services and customer retention. We heard a lot of complaints about the companies that they are not fulfilling the customer’s expectations. Indeed, customer expectations are always high. We learned during our training on customer services that “the customer is always a king”. But now a day’s customer is not a king, but helpless in the hands of those companies.

A few years back a leading Telco acquired another Telco company in Pakistan. Subscribers of the acquired company suffered a lot during the period of transition and they faced some problems as well. Voice quality, data with accurate speed, and overcharging were the main issues.

Maybe a customer can tolerate other issues, but not overcharging. I have a prepaid number, using at home. The user of that number complaint to me that I am facing the overcharging issue. I check the call rates and compare the call charges and tried to contact them through the helpline from the same number. I did a couple of attempts to talk to the customer services agent, but IVR didn’t give me any prominent option to reach out to the customer services agent.

Then I tried the helpline through my postpaid number and my call get through but the agent refused to serve me that I have to call from the same number and we cannot serve you from this number. I told them that this number is registered on my CNIC. He refused while saying this is not in our SOP, I am sorry we cannot serve you. I am surprised that what sort of that SOPs when you can’t serve your customers.

On another occasion, once I tried to block another prepaid number, and a customer service agent refused to block it and gave me some strange logic. Even that number was also registered on my CNIC. Now the question arises who will be responsible if some un-wanted activities have done from the stolen phone?

Come back to the main issue, unfortunately, I recharge my effected number again a couple of days back Rs. 200 and received around Rs. 177. Could you believe all my balance wiped out within 24 hours without making a single call? When I tried to contact the call center form the same number, their IVR kept me within the IVR instead of reaching me out to a customer service agent.

The company has intentionally made it complicated for prepaid customers, so they cannot reach the agent because it costs them. They can spend billions on advertising but not on customer services and customer retention.

You must be thinking what the name of the Telco is; yes your guess is right. I am the victim of Jazz. I must say they have the worst customer services for the prepaid subscribers.

My question is why you have made it difficult to reach out to a customer services agent. And at the same time, you ask them to subscribe to your services. When you can’t serve your customers, why you invite them to get your services.

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