Coke Studio 2020 reveals song line of third episode

Episode 3 will feature Umair Jaswal, Sanam Marvi, Sehar Gul Khan, and Zara Madani.

The Coke Studio 2020 revealed the song line up for its third episode featuring three songs performed by a mix of emerging artists and industry veterans. The episode is all set to air on Friday, 18th December 2020. 

The soon to release episode will showcase all original songs including Har Funn Maula, a Sufi dhamaal power track using dhol based rhythm along with Western drums, featuring Umair Jaswal in collaboration with Sanam Marvi on the vocals.In addition to this, the episode will also feature the classically trained singer, Zara Madani in Pardesiya, a song about one’s search for God, and Coke Studio debutant Sehar Gul Khan in Ishq da Kukkar, a spiritual song about a prayer of love towards GOD infused with electronica elements and Middle Eastern instrumentation.

Promos of all three songs can be viewed at official Youtube channel of Coke Studio.

This season’s Coke Studio, produced by Rohail Hyatt, was administered under a careful management and maintenance of COVID-19 SOPs which resulted in both singers and musicians being recorded separately. Yet despite these challenges, Coke Studio was committed to releasing a season as an opportunity to keep hope alive amidst difficult times, especially keeping in mind the artist and musician community that has suffered the most due to COVID-19.

Given the extraordinary circumstances under which this year’s season has been produced, it will be deliberately referred to as Coke Studio 2020 and not Coke Studio Season 13. The core values of the Coke Studio platform have always been to explore, experiment and share the unique music of Pakistan and the sub-continent with the rest of the world. Hence, with this evolving discovery of the Pakistani identity also continues the journey of Coke Studio and its music. 

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